Chaska Chanhassen Hockey Association

2017-18 Season - Parent Survey


2017-18 Parent Survey

On behalf of the Chaska Chanhassen Hockey Association (CCHA), the Board of Directors and Hockey Development Committees (the “HDCs”), we hope your family had a fun and rewarding season.

We are proud of CCHA for many reasons and believe we have a first-class hockey association. We also realize there is room for improvement. Your coaches likely put in 120+ hours for the current hockey year, and the Board and the HDCs spend at least that much time over the summer getting things ready for the upcoming season.  In exchange, we are asking for a few minutes of your time to complete the 2017-18 Parent Survey.  

Because we have been polling you about the association operations throughout the year, this year’s survey relates solely to your team experience.  However, we do leave a section at the end for free-form comments for you to use.  Thoughtful and constructive comments are always welcome. These surveys are confidential and will be viewed by only one board member in their "raw" format.  Aggregated feedback on coaches will be shared with the HDC for the coach selection and development process.  With the aggregated feedback, all identifying information about the person completing the survey will be removed.

Please consider and answer the survey questions for the identified Head Coach and Assistant Coaches individually.  If your team had more coaches than listed in this survey, you can provide feedback on them in the comment section. 

Thank you in advance for your participation in this very important effort!

Questions can be directed to:

Mike Newman

Vice President - Hockey Operations